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Pet Sematary

Stephen King Books, Buy Stephen King Books, Pet cemeteryStephen Kings Pet Sematary, was published in 1983 and was nominated for Best Novel in the World Fantasy Awards in 1984. The novel was later made into a film in 1989 directed by Mary Lambert and starring Dale Midkiff, Denise Crosby and Miko Hughes.

The story of Pet Sematary, revolves around the Creed family, who have recently moved to a new home together. Their new house seems perfect at first, apart from the nearby busy road, running along the front of their property, along which huge trucks thunder by every day, and the spooky pet cemetery behind their home where local kids have been burying their pets.

The road soon takes its toll on the Creed family when Church, the beloved family pet cat of their daughter Ellie is killed by a truck. Ellie is distraught and when elderly local neighbour Jud takes Father Louis to a secret ‘real cemetery, hidden behind the pet cemetery, things begin to take a typically, Stephen King, spooky turn for the worst. Church, the cat, comes back to life, but he’s different, very different. He smells of death and decay and with he now has a very vicious personality to go with the smell.

Sometime later, and Church is still lurking around being unpleasant, Gage, the Creeds young son is also tragically struck by a truck on the busy road and dies and despite Jud’s efforts to dissuade him, Louis Creeds exhumes his son’s body from its grave and re-buries it in the secret cemetery on the hill behind their house. Shortly after, Gage returns to the family home too, and he’s not the same either!

In Stephen Kings Pet Sematary, King does what King does so well. If you’re a father or just even a pet lover, whilst you know that what Creed does is horrific, to say the least, and very wrong, you still believe it and you can understand his motives. You can relate to a father's desire to do anything that it takes to bring his son back, but, you are also just waiting for the horror to begin and does, with a vengeance so you won’t be disappointed.

The story was inspired by real events in Stephen King’s Life. In 1978, King spent a year teaching at the University of Maine during which time he, and his family, rented a house on a busy road in Orrington, Maine. Their own cat, ‘Smucky’ was killed on the road and Kings daughter, Naomi, buried the cat in a nearby pet cemetery and shortly after, Kings own son, Owen, had a near miss on the same road.

The book was nearly never published and King has been quoted as saying that he felt that he had gone too far, presumably in relating real family events in a horror novel.  But, on advice from his wife, Tabitha, and his author friend Peter Straub, King resurrected the story as the final book submitted to complete a contract with the publisher Doubleday.

Pet Sematary is simply yet another masterpiece of horror fiction from the master of the genre himself.

"Sometimes dead is better."

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