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For many people, the Stephen King It 2017 movie will be their first encounter with Pennywise the Clown and the Losers Club and, if the initial reviews of the film are anything to go by, there are going to be a whole new batch of Stephen King fans joining the ranks for the millions of people who are already addicted to the works of the master of horror.

If you have seen the new Stephen King It movie and you loved it, you are going to be blown away by the novel. It’s a big book, but don’t let that put you off, because once you start reading it, you won’t be able to put down.

Over the years, many filmmakers have tried to translate the works of Stephen king into films, but very few Stephen King movies have really worked. That is probably due to the fact that many of Stephen King’s books are so involved and the characterisations are so deep that you simply can’t convey the depth of the story in the short amount of time that a movie allows.

So, if you are visiting this page as a new convert to world of Stephen King, welcome to where we all float! I urge you to read the Stephen King It novel from front page to back. There are some plot differences between the 2017 It movie and the novel, but I won’t give those away here. What I will say is that if you thought the movie was terrifying, you really ought to read the book!

Stephen King's It - The Novel

Stephen King's It, Stephen King Books, Stephen King Store

Stephen King's It, Stephen King Books, Stephen King Store

Stephen King’s It is probably one of the best known and best loved of all Stephen King Novels. Stephen Kings It was first published in 1986 and the story follows the adventures, seven children, both in their childhood encounter with an evil being that personifies itself in the form of a murderous clown, and also in their adulthood, when they return to their home town of Derry when the evil clown reappears and the murders begins again. The story, which is set in the fictional town of Derry, is told by alternating between the group’s first childhood encounter with the evil being, which most often manifests itself as Pennywise the Clown, and their later adult encounter with it.

Unlike the novel, which switches between the two stories, the 2017 movie version of It focuses solely on the childhood experiences of the Losers Club. The adult part of the tale is to be told in a second instalment.

The book was adapted into an excellent two part TV miniseries, which was first aired in 1990. The series has since gone on to attract something of a cult status as well as attracting some critical acclaim, especially in respect of the way that Tim Curry plays the part of Pennywise the Clown.

Stephen Kings It is one of those rare books that you can read over and over again, because when you reach the last page, you just wish there was more. You really do become attached to the seven main characters and you get to know them well. The seven children in Stephen Kings It are all members of a club that they named The Losers Club:

Bill Denborough

Stuttering Bill Denborough is the considered the leader of the losers club and he is the one who wants to avenge the death of his kid brother, George, who was killed by Pennywise when playing in the rain with a paper boat that Bill had made for him. In his adult life, Bill becomes a famous writer.

Ben Hanscom

Ben is an overweight, very intelligent kid who spends much of his free time reading in the local library until he meets up with the rest of the Losers Club. He has a crush on the only girl member of the club, Beverly Marsh. Ben is the engineering brain of the group who becomes a renowned architect when he grows up.

Bev Marsh

Beverly Marsh is a bit of a tomboy whom all of the group have a crush on at some point in the story. She comes from the poorest part of town and is being raised by her thoroughly unpleasant father who frequently abuses the girl. Like most of the rest of the group, Bev goes on to have a successful career, this time as a fashion designer.

Richie Tozier

Richie Tozier is the bespectacled joker of the group and he is constantly getting himself into trouble with his jokes and his impersonations, or ‘voices’. In later life, he puts his annoying ‘voices’ to good use and he becomes a successful disk jockey in Los Angeles

Eddie Kaspbrak

Eddie is a frail and skinny kid who also appears to suffer from asthma, although his asthmatic symptoms are later revealed to be purely psychosomatic. His mother is an overprotective hypochondriac and it transpires that Eddies’ pharmacist has been putting water in Eddies’ asthma inhaler for years. Eddie goes on in later life to become the owner of a very successful limousine business in New York.

Stan Uris

Being Jewish is the main reason that Stan is persecuted by the local bully and his gang. Stan Uris has a very logical way of looking at things and he is the most reluctant of the Losers to accept that Pennywise actually exists. Stan becomes a successful accountant in Atlanta but, when he gets the call to return to Derry to face Pennywise for a second time, he can’t cope with the thought of doing that, so he commits suicide at home rather than face the evil monster again.

Mike Hanlon

Mike Hanlon lives on a farm with his Baptist parents and is the last member to join the Losers club. Mike is black and is racially persecuted by the bullies of Derry. He is the only member of the Losers Club who doesn’t leave Derry and the only one who doesn’t grow up to be a big success in life. Instead, Mike Hanlon becomes the town's librarian and he researches the town’s history and learns more about the monster who regularly stalks the people of the town of Derry. It is Mike, who summons the Losers Club back to Derry when ‘It’ appears in the town again.

Stephens Kings It manages to mix tales of childhood innocence with an evil menace in a way that, well, only a child could imagine it, and that’s what makes Stephen King’s It such a riveting read. The clever switching between the innocence of a gang of childhood losers, the evil of Pennywise, and the adult incarnations of The Losers Club forced to face up to their nightmares, is all a part of what will make you want to read Stephen king’s It again and again.

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